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Elephant Shrew

Elephant Shrew, a family of small-sized mammals found exclusively in Africa. Elephant Shrew known as the jumping shrew and can hop like rabbits using their long back legs.The family is made up of four genera and about 20 different species. Elephant shrews has a long, narrow snout, brownish with white underparts and have a white ring around each eye. Elephant Shrews live in grasslands, forests, rocky regions.  Elephant shrews are very wary and well camouflaged animals, and are able to run away from danger extremely quickly.

Body length ranges from 3.5 to 12 inches (9 to 30 cm), not including the 3.2- to 10-inch (8- to 25-cm) tail. They are very active mostly during daytime and are always out for food hunting during daytime.

Amazing Hedgehog

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Hedgehog is the spiny mammals, after few hours of birth, Hedgehog started growing soft white thorns and after a week old, hedgehog started growing brown thorns in between white ones. It is really amazing that after five weeks 2000 thorns and  grown up about 5000 spikes. Hedgehog protect themselves by curling into a tight ball and tucking in their heads, tail and legs.   
Hedgehog can swim, climb, dig and run fast. In winters, Hedgehog go off to sleep and feed on their fat stored in their body during summer. It can smell very well and uses its nose more than eyes and find food with the of help its nose. There are 11 kinds of hedgehog, lives about 10 years and we can easily find them in Asia, Africa and Europe.  It is also known to eat eggs, small mammals, birds, frogs, reptiles, fruit, fungi and roots. Although not completely immune to toxins, Hedgehogs have enough resistance to allow them to eat poisonous snakes. Isn't it amazing!

Amazing Chinese Paddlefish - Giant Panda of the Rivers

Chinese Paddlefish, Psephurus gladius (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: 白鱘; pinyin: báixún), also known as Chinese Swordfish, are among the largest freshwater fish. It is one of two extant paddlefish species, the other being the American Paddlefish (Polyodon spathula). It is also called "elephant fish" (象魚; xiàngyú) because its snout resembles an elephant trunk. It is recorded sometimes in Classical Chinese as wěi-fish (). More poetically, it is sometimes referred to as the "Giant Panda of the Rivers", not because of any physical resemblance to a panda, but because of its rarity and protected status.
The Chinese Paddlefish is the People's Republic of China's first-level protected animal. Its belly is white and back and head gray. They live mostly in the middle or lower part of the Yangtze (Chang Jiang), occasionally in large lakes. They feed on other fish, as well as small amounts of crabs and crayfish. Paddlefish are sexually mature at age seven or eight, with a typical body length of 2 metres and a weight of 25 kilograms. The Chinese paddlefish is also known as the elephant fish, because its long snout resembles an elephant's trunk. The snouts contain sensors that help them locate the small fish and crustaceans they survive on. Prized for their rich, plentiful meat, the giant animals are said to have been commonly offered as gifts to the Chinese emperor during imperial times.

California Condor

On April 19, 1987 the last known California Condor to exist in the wild was taken into captivity. The California Condor is one of the rarest of all North American birds and one of the rarest birds in the world. In fact, during the first half of the century there were only 60 individual condors. Now there is less than 40 despite the conservation efforts that are put forth by biologists and other American authorities. Today the California Condor's range is limited to a small region that is north of Los Angeles. Soaring at speeds of 35-40 miles per hour the California Condor cleaned carrion from roads, ranches and beaches. There is absolutely no record of these magnificent birds attacking a living animal, however they were routinely shot, mostly by farmers and ranchers. Also California Condors were being exterminated by lead poisoning. However, zoologists are trying to change the condor's upcoming fate. Molloko is the first ever captive condor that was bred in captivity in history, born in April, 1988 at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Its future lies in the hands of captive breeding and when it gets older, reintroduction to the wild. Hopefully Molloko's story will help educate the public.
The California Condor is about 3-4 feet in length and varies in weight from 20-30 pounds. The California condor has a huge wingspan which is about 9-10 and a half feet. When nesting they nest in cracks of rocks and lay only one egg.
This bird's plumage is black with a tint of blue metallic reflections. It has white bars underneath its wing.
For more information about the recovery of these birds, visit the San Diego Wild Animal Park Condorminium. Another great resource, which includes the total number of California Condors in zoos and in the wild, and the history of the condor's plight can be found at the L.A. Zoo


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